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SAP Sapphire 2023

SAP Sapphire 2023 events will be held in locations across the globe and virtually over the next four weeks.

The SAP Sapphire 2023 flagship event will be held simultaneously with the ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The virtual event will be taking place at the same time, providing access to the keynote speeches and other sessions.

Other SAP Sapphire 2023 events are scheduled in the following weeks: on the 24-25 May in Barcelona, and on June 1-2 in Sao Paulo.

IgniteSAP will be attending the virtual event and providing our community members with summaries of the keynote and other important sessions, but if you want full access to the virtual event now is the time to register.

By registering for the event, SAP professionals and customers will be able to take part in an immersive digital experience with live, and on-demand content, using the Dashboard and a searchable Session Catalog to arrange their own schedule across the two days of sessions.

Future-Proof Business

This year’s SAP Sapphire Virtual promises to bring together the SAP global community to explore how we can future-proof business: planning and preparing for whatever new challenges are around the corner.

As well as the main keynote session, which usually features contributions from SAP CEO Christian Klein and members of the SAP Executive Board, attendees of the event can expect live sessions and panels with SAP customers exploring some best practice in SAP and in-depth sessions and demonstrations with SAP experts, helping to raise the standard of SAP practice around the world.

Speakers This Year

Alongside Christian Klein, this year other SAP executives sharing their knowledge will include: Julia White (Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer), Scott Russell (Member of the Executive Board for Customer Success), Juergen Mueller (SAP’s Chief Technology Officer), and Thomas Saueressig (SAP Product Engineering Lead), among many others.

Guest speakers at the event will include customers and partners of SAP like Nick Pearson, head of Vodaphone global IT Platforms, Art Hu, Lenovo’s global Chief Information Officer, Charles Valentine, the CIO of Boom Technology, and 23 time Grand Slam Tennis Champion Serena Williams, who will be delivering the closing keynote speech on Day 2.

Partners In Future-Proofing

Day 1 will kick off with a keynote address picking up on the main theme of future-proofing businesses with SAP solutions, and sharing the latest news form the Sapphire event.

The first keynote will cover practical tips on how to prepare businesses for sustainability in an increasingly challenging regulatory landscape, how businesses can build a better career experience for women, how to get better, and more efficient performance from organizations, and how businesses have successfully transformed their businesses processes by migrating these to the cloud.

The keynote address on Day 2 (Wednesday, May 17) will cover what future-proofing really means and how to go about doing it: how to use the latest data tools and meet new Environmental, Social and Governance regulations.

You will be guided through a tour of key technologies that organizations use to innovate in an evolving business landscape, and how they use data to make the right decisions. Speakers will also cover how to get the most out of the SAP Preferred Success program and get an introduction to SAP’s new Business Transformation as a Service package for small to medium-sized businesses, Grow with SAP.

The keynote speeches will be available on demand as replays after the live streams, and SAP will be running a virtual TV Show from the showroom floor at SAP Sapphire Orlando with guest speakers throughout the two days.

Those who register on the platform for the Virtual Event will also be able to participate and react to live chat discussions.

Channels: Find Your Content

To help those participating in the Virtual Event find the content that is most relevant to them, the SAP Sapphire 2023 Virtual Dashboard presents the on-demand content in channels organized by topic. Each topic represents an area of SAP technology so there are channels covering content about: SAP Business Technology Platform, CRM and Customer Experience, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Spend Management and Business Network, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, and for specific industries.

Expect Announcements on Products and Partnerships

The annual Sapphire Events are a extremely useful resource for those members of the SAP community who want to learn from SAP experts and their peers, and ensure they are up to speed with changes to SAP technology, but we should also expect major announcements about new SAP products and partnerships.

In previous years Sapphire has been used as the launch pad for important new products so there may be some exciting news in the weeks to come. We can expect some more detail on the new Grow with SAP platform and examples of SAP partners who are implementing that, and also there will be some discussion of the way that SAP is changing its own business, and what to expect over the next 12 months as SAP moves toward a cloud-centric strategy.

SAP customers and SAP consultants should not miss this opportunity to get an overview of where SAP is on its path toward becoming a cloud-first company and how this fundamental change in the SAP ecosystem will influence world of work in the SAP services market.

Though we are now past the era of pandemic, not every SAP practitioner or customer can attend Orlando in person so IgniteSAP highly recommends registering for the event and making the most out of the free on-demand content available with the virtual event.

IgniteSAP will provide summaries of both days at Orlando and online, so our busy community can get an overview of important news, but there is a wealth of content available so don’t miss out.

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