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TechEd 2021 is Around the Corner

TechEd 2021 is not just for SAP developers. Being at the forefront of technological innovation in our profession is essential. Particularly when the success of our partners and customers is dependent on our knowledge being up to date. Continuous retraining and education forms the backbone of our technological expertise but we should also take all opportunities to learn from our peers, and touch base at industry events.

TechEd 2021 is SAP’s free annual virtual event for developers, and this year it is taking place on the 16th-18th of November.

That is two weeks from now so IgniteSAP is giving our community a quick reminder to free up some time and register for the event.

Content Tracks

As with the SapphireNow2021 event, those who register gain access to an event planning dashboard, and allows them to pick a themed content track, as well as specify your location so you can select scheduling for your timezone.

Eight content tracks are available reflecting areas of SAP technology: Analytics, Application Development and Integration, Database and Database Management, Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP, Integrated Intelligent Suite, Intelligent Suite Solutions and Processes, Intelligent Technologies, and Partner Innovation with SAP.

Within each content track there are sub-tracks that further specify the content. So the Analytics content track for example contains sub-tracks on: Enterprise-Ready Data Warehousing, Making Strategic Decisions with SAP Analytics, and Applying Analytics End to End. This means you can focus on content that is most relevant to your professional interests.

Information and Inspiration

SAP is providing up to 48 hours of sessions of tech talk on SAP’s Channel 1 and elsewhere within those content tracks so you are sure to find some really useful information and inspiration. Check out the searchable Session Catalogue once you are registered.

Along with the usual keynote speech and deep dive lectures, SAP is providing breakout sessions, in depth interviews and workshops. In this way your experience is more interactive and you can internalise those valuable lessons you pick up along the way. Presumably TechEd audience participation will be organised like SapphireNow and you will also be able to ask questions as they occur to you via a TechEd message board.

TechEd 2021 Speakers

Speakers and contributors at the event will comprise of SAP executives and management, along with SAP partners and customers, ensuring a range of opinions and perspectives on every specialised subject.

From the SAP executive we can expect major contributions from SAP Chief Technology Officer Juergen Mueller in the Keynote session, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer Julia White, and Executive Board Member for SAP Product Engineering Thomas Saueressig.

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There will be a wide range of other representatives of SAP partners and customers and analysts such as Capgemini, NTT Data, PwC, Intel, Paypal, Fairfax Water, Infosys, the American SAP user group (ASUG), IDC. The list goes on and on…

So why not get on board and make the most of this comprehensive Tech event to get the latest free industry insider knowledge about your profession, inspiration, and education.

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