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SAP’s new Chief Financial Officer

SAP has announced that the Supervisory Board has chosen Dominik Asam as its new CFO, and as a new member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.

Asam was until recently the CFO and an Executive Committee member at Airbus.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP SE, Hasso Plattner, commented on the appointment, drawing attention to his senior experience at companies such as Goldman Sachs, Siemens and Inifineon:

“Dominik Asam is a well-rounded and experienced leader in global finance and technology, and with that [is the right person to continue powering SAP’s successful cloud transformation…I take this opportunity to once again thank Luka Mucic for his 26 years of dedication and service to SAP, for laying the strong foundation upon which Dominik will build, and for his leadership in ensuring a seamless transition.”

Mucic will remain as a member of the SAP SE Executive Board until March 31st 2023.

From Aerospace to the Cloud

In welcoming Dominik Asam, the CEO of SAP SE, Christian Klein said: 

“The breadth and depth of his expertise in global finance and technology aligns perfectly to SAP’s strategy and portfolio, as we continue innovating in the cloud to bring sustainability to the centre of business, make supply chains more resilient, and future-proof our customers around the world.”

Dominik Asam’s senior executive roles at major corporations followed a master’s degree in Business Administration, which he completed after initially graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. 

Mr Asam said: “I’m thrilled to join SAP, the world leader in enterprise cloud solutions. I have long been an SAP customer and I know firsthand the unique value of the company’s technology for powering customer innovation, transformation and success. I look forward to working with my new colleagues on the Board and throughout the company to continue driving SAP’s ongoing success.”

“A Key Asset” in a Financial Crisis

The Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said that during Dominik’s time at Airbus he demonstrated that he was an outstanding CFO, leaving the company in a more competitive position than went he started: 

“He has been a great wingman during the challenging and uncertain times of the COVID pandemic and is a key asset to any team. Dominik has also been a key contributor to the solid financial performance of Airbus (thanks to a highly committed finance team) and to the Company’s transformation…”

By guiding Airbus through the worst financial crisis in aerospace history Asam has certainly displayed qualities and abilities that will be of immense value to SAP SE as it moves into the next phase of the transformation of its business from software vendor to cloud software services provider. 

Details will become apparent in the autumn and spring quarterly announcement of SAP’s financial results, how Asam’s tenure at SAP will further the changes brought about under the watch of Luka Mucic. 

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