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German SAP Consulting: Now Hiring

Although some global tech companies and consulting companies have recently been going through a period of cutting their work forces, the trend for jobs in the IT sector in Germany since 2020 shows growth, making this a great time to start planning your next career move.

The IT Industry In Germany

Though the German economy (the 5th largest in the world) contracted slightly in the last quarter of 2022, real GDP in the country rose by 1.8%. The IT sector displayed resilience because it is the means by which other industries can protect themselves from economic fluctuations. The German government statistics organisation Destatis said: “…increases were recorded only in information and communication, real estate activities and business services.”

The European Commission economic forecast for 2023 in Europe overall predicts an increase of 0.2%, and Germany is likely to significantly outperform other European countries.

Research by Eurostat shows that the number of people employed in Europe as Information, Communication or Technology specialists rose by 50% from 2012 to 2021.

“The number of persons employed as ICT specialists in the EU generally held out against the effects of the global financial and economic crisis and the downturn experienced in many labor markets.”

According to Statista the IT industry in Germany grew steadily over the last ten years, and from 2021 to 2022 it rose from 102.5 to 108.6 billion Euros.

The IT services segment is the area showing the greatest revenue in Germany, employing 1.15 million people.

Drivers Of The German IT Market

ResearchAndMarkets predicts that the Germany IT market will register a CAGR of close to 3% by 2023.

“Germany is investing in the development of a country wide connected infrastructure to facilitate information storage in centralized systems and real time exchange of data across departments. As a result, the demand for IT and services in the country is high.”

The IT services market is subject to additional demand due to a lack of skilled IT professionals specializing in cloud computing, AI, big data and IoT.

Other drivers of the German IT services market are the adoption of big data solutions and increased adoption of IT solutions among smaller and medium-sized enterprises, something which SAP has recognized with its recent release of Grow with SAP, a solutions package created for these businesses to get access to SAP technology.

As SAP Grows The SAP Ecosystem Will Expand

As we know, SAP is currently going through a period of change and is moving rapidly to become a cloud services company. This is likely to increase its predictable revenue and, as a consequence, produce growth in the SAP ecosystem among partners and independent SAP consultancies. By 2025 SAP continues to expect more than €36 billion total revenue and this will have a corresponding effect on the wider SAP services market.

Another factor that will increase the footprint of the SAP ecosystem is the approaching 2027 deadline for current customers to move from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, as well as from on-premise deployments to cloud-based systems.

Current SAP Job Vacancies

Here is a selection of live job vacancies (as of 11th April 2023) from the IgniteSAP job board:

SAP Global Trade Solutions (GTS) Senior Consultant

We are working with an excellent mid-market consulting firm that is instrumental in shaping SAP transformation projects both domestically and internationally. This is a fast growing company working with global, mid-market and hidden champion companies on the latest SAP technology.

The position is challenging and fun with the freedom to work remotely or in one of the many local offices in Germany. The company is expanding its SAP GTS practice and is looking for experienced consultants, project managers, team leaders and managers to assist with some exciting S/4 HANA transformation projects.

SAP MES Consultant / Senior Consultant

The successful candidate will work with national and international customers and develop SAP ME solutions such as SAP Manufacturing (SAP Production Planning, SAP Manufacturing Execution and/or SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud). In addition, they will have in-depth knowledge of SAP manufacturing and have already gained experience with the corresponding BDE and MES solutions.
They will actively advance and further develop the company’s consulting portfolio in the area of ​​SAP ME and are responsible for the implementation of customer-specific SAP manufacturing solutions in an S/4 HANA project environment.

To see a full list of the current SAP vacancies, click here.

SAP Consulting in Germany

Germany has established itself as one of the leading economies in the world and IT services is one of the strongest sectors in that economy. Additionally, SAP has been taking the right steps to ensure that it is likely to have a large share of the software services market for decades to come. As the market is showing very positive signs of expansion and growth, it is worthwhile discussing your next career move with one of our dedicated SAP career experts.