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SAP TechEd 2019 Las Vegas was held on September 24-26. CTO Juergen Mueller announced a number of updates and improvements to the SAP’s platform.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend, because we have created a list of the most important improvements announced at the conference.

SAP’s new look

SAP are rolling out Fiori 3, the new target design system, across all of its applications. The UI will create a more consistent experience as well as decreasing training time. In addition, Fiori 3 will also be available for apps developed on SAP by other companies for both desktop or mobile devices.

Analytics update

SAP Analytics Cloud’s new update improves augmented analytics for users. Businesses can now create analytical stories within S/4 HANA instead of using multiple tools. Each S/4 HANA Cloud subscription will also include a free SAP Analytics tenant. The analytic updates mean that SAP users will be able to make more informed decisions.

SAP Data Intelligence

To combat the issue of SAP companies’ slow development of their own machine learning applications, SAP is releasing SAP Data Intelligence. It is an evolution of SAP Data Hub and SAP Machine Learning Foundation that will allow customers to build and access the information gathered from technologies such as machine learning all in one place. The cloud service tracks models through their end-to-end life cycle allowing companies to adapt to the latest trends more quickly.

SAP and Microsoft’s blockchain collaboration

The newest collaboration in SAP and Microsoft’s relationship is the announcement that users of blockchain applications can run these apps on the SAP Cloud Platform, which is now directly connected to Azure’s blockchain services. The aim is to make processes such as material traceability, fraud prevention and collaboration much easier and more reliable.

New payment plan

Going against the typical payment method for cloud infrastructure, being charged on a usage basis, Mueller said that “[SAP] are announcing the availability of a true pay-as-you-go model. This will first be available in North America, starting in October, and of course we will expand it in the next year. This means you have a real pay-as-you-go model for all solutions included in the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement.”

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