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SAP Signavio Consulting

As more companies seek to optimize their business processes while minimizing risk, SAP Signavio consulting is becoming an increasingly important section of the SAP services market.

SAP has included the SAP Signavio business transformation starter pack as part of the Rise with SAP package of software services, and now also as part of Grow with SAP, the new transformation as a service package for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): so the adoption of SAP Signavio is increasing dramatically.

This week IgniteSAP will discuss how SAP consultants looking to maximize their employability can augment their skill set with specialism in SAP Signavio, taking advantage of this expanding sector of the SAP services market.

What is SAP Signavio?

The SAP Signavio suite of applications optimizes business processes in a variety of ways.

Enterprises are facing a series of challenges related to harmonizing and improving their ERP landscape because modern ERP systems typically consist of a wide variety of databases, processes and business models.

SAP offers a series of solutions designed to provide end-to-end transparency and real time data, but the road to implementing a centralized ERP system can be complex because of the number and variety of systems involved.

SAP Signavio allows enterprises the ability to get insights into the way that their business’s processes function, and how they might be improved in line with best practices.

The full suite of applications consists of three key areas:

  • Process analysis and mining with SAP Signavio Process Insights and Process Intelligence,
  • Process and journey modeling with SAP Signavio Process Manager and Journey Modeler,
  • Workflow and automation optimization with SAP Signavio Process Governance and Process Automation.

SAP Signavio Consulting Services

SAP consultants who specialize in providing SAP Signavio consulting services guide their clients in their implementation of these applications so that the overall functioning of the enterprise is understood and improved upon.

After initial project scoping, Signavio consultants begin by helping clients to connect their existing SAP ERP and S/4HANA databases to Signavio Process Insights. This identifies areas for improvement like bottlenecks and blockages, and assesses process flows according to process performance indicators.

Consultants then collaborate with clients in utilizing Signavio Process Insights and Process Intelligence to gather data and envision the execution of business processes, aiming to identify areas for improvement.

The subsequent step involves actively working with the client to address the necessary enhancements by utilizing SAP Signavio Process Manager. This leads to a redesign of the current processes and enables simulation of the outcomes of these changes. By making comparisons between options before implementing them, the aim is to minimize the risk and disruption to business operations while driving improvements.

Simultaneously, consultants begin the work of modeling existing customer journeys and creating more appealing ones connected to business processes to maximize the business’s customer engagement with SAP Signavio Journey Modeler.

Subsequently, the implementation of the necessary changes takes place, with management and governance provided by SAP Process Governance. The creation of automations to decrease manual and repetitive tasks is facilitated through the utilization of SAP Process Automation and the functionality of Low Code / No code development.

SAP Signavio, S/4HANA, Rise And Grow

SAP Signavio Process Manager serves as a preliminary component for an S/4HANA or S/4HANA Cloud implementation project, either as a part of Rise or Grow with SAP.

According to Dr. Gero Decker, CEO of Signavio, the solution can accelerate S/4HANA implementations and optimize return on investment (ROI).

“Signavio’s technology aligns all necessary stakeholders from IT to leadership in a collaborative way to understand the overall approach and create a roadmap to success. Businesses will see an increase in productivity as the technologies work together, thanks to modeling, sharing, collaboration and audit capabilities.”

The primary way that SAP Signavio consultants can help business transformation is by providing those enterprises with a viable opportunity to remove legacy customizations in their SAP ERP landscapes and replace them with standardized processes based on best practices, before the implementation project is even in the scoping phase.

By simplifying the workload of transformation prior to project execution, the task becomes more manageable, and it becomes easier for project managers to handle change management within the organization. However, it is crucial to initiate and sustain stakeholder contributions from the beginning to ensure effective engagement and collaboration.

Consulting At The Leading Edge

The practice of analyzing and assessing existing business processes as a means to simplifying implementation projects is the reason why Signavio consultation practices are a welcome addition to most SAP ERP deployments.

This aspect of SAP Signavio, plus the fact that SAP is including the Signavio Starter Pack (including Process Insights, Process Manager, and Process Collaboration Hub) in Rise with SAP, and now Grow with SAP, means that Signavio is a key part of SAP’s product strategy.

This means that qualified consultants with a thorough understanding, and experience working with SAP Signavio solutions will be indispensable to clients and employers who are embarking on much needed cloud and on-premise deployments of SAP systems.

SAP has been working hard to broadcast the message that the support deadline for SAP ECC and other legacy SAP solutions is fast approaching in 2027, and SAP is also pivoting to a cloud-based software services company. Customers now acknowledge the limited timeframe for cloud transformations and the high demand for SAP consultants capable of facilitating these transformations.

The market demand for SAP consulting services stems from the prevailing skills gap. This gap arises due to an insufficient number of skilled and certified SAP consultants who possess up-to-date knowledge of the latest cloud-based SAP technologies, resulting in a shortage of available talent.

Therefore, it is highly advisable for SAP consultants aiming to leverage the current SAP services market to proactively pursue training and certification to qualify as SAP Signavio consultants.

As an SAP Signavio consultant your contribution would be extremely valuable to teams working in almost any context for implementation projects, but particularly for teams working SAP’s current flagship offerings, S/4HANA Cloud, Rise, and Grow with SAP.

SAP Signavio Training Options

Any consultant looking to practice as a specialist in SAP Signavio would ideally have a good foundational understanding of S/4HANA and should have the corresponding certified application associate status. A familiarity with Rise with SAP transformation would also be beneficial.

The SAP Learning Journey titled “Designing Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions” offers the most comprehensive program of training currently available in SAP Signavio.

The Learning Journey consists of 12 units with durations ranging from 25 minutes to 3 hours. On completion of these units students will be able to take the exam for “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Signavio” and if successful they will be able to confidently practice as an SAP Signavio consultant.

Alternatively, for an introduction to SAP Signavio solutions and how they integrate with S/4HANA, openSAP has provided a free part-time course that runs several times through the year called “Drive SAP S/4HANA Transformations with SAP Signavio Solutions”

Optimize Your SAP Consulting Career

SAP acquired Signavio in March 2021 just after it announced the introduction of Rise with SAP as part of a business strategy to make it much easier for its existing and new customers to make the move to the cloud.

This was in response to extensive consultation with its customers and partners about what was stopping them from taking advantage of the multiple benefits of cloud deployments of SAP ERP.

Many organizations faced a stumbling block when it came to integrating legacy databases, business processes, and complex customizations with cloud deployments. This challenge often led to overly complicated hybrid deployments.

To address this, SAP introduced Rise with SAP, aiming to simplify the adoption of cloud implementations for SAP systems. As part of the Rise package, Signavio solutions were included to assist customers in reassessing their current business processes.

By providing customers with a means to examine their business processes, compare them with best practices, and optimize them using Signavio, SAP enabled them to shift their perspective. Customers could now realize that standardized processes have evolved for a reason: they are purpose-fit and facilitate the achievement of business goals for most organizations. This realization allowed customers to see beyond what was initially perceived as “non-negotiable.”

Now SAP Signavio has become an indispensable part of the process of transformation: whether they are a preliminary stage to upgrades to S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, or as part of a Rise or Grow with SAP deployment.

SAP customers are now keenly aware of the urgent requirement to transition to S/4HANA and cloud ERP deployments expeditiously. Consultants who possess Signavio skills and can facilitate this process, making it more streamlined and effortless, will be strategically positioned to capitalize on the imminent surge in demand for SAP services.

If you are looking for a new role in the SAP ecosystem then our team of expert recruiters can help you find your ideal employer and a compensation package that reflects your extremely valuable skills so join us at IgniteSAP.