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Sapphire Now is starting tomorrow with a keynote speech from SAP CEO Christian Klein and special guest interviews from 3:00pm BST (4:00pm CEST).

It is not too late to register to attend SAP Sapphire Now 2021. To get started click on this link to sign up and choose your program of events by selecting the content track that is most relevant for your SAP interests from the eight available.

This section also allows you to specify the regional online event which you would like to attend from EMEA or the Americas, which run from June 7th to 10th, or the Asia Pacific region, which is scheduled for June 21st to 24th.

SAP Sapphire Now Content Tracks

At IgniteSAP we will be following the keynote and providing a commentary on this, as well as attending the EMEA regional event with a CX content track over the following week. We will also be summarising some of this content for the convenience of those of our community members who are unable to participate in this section, and also looking at key sessions form other content tracks.  


IgniteSAP felt that this year, in the context of recent events it is increasingly important to understand best practice in Customer Experience. The Sapphire Now 2021 CX content track will be presenting discussions with expert panels on subjects such as omni-channel selling, methods of transforming customer experience with Ai driven hyper-personalised engagements, how to use data to drive customer-centric business transformations, and how to grow a business through a customer data platform.

The other content tracks that will be available this year are: Finance, HR, Industries, IT, Midmarket (small- and medium-sized businesses), Procurement and Supply Chain.


The Finance track will include content on Accounting and Compliance, Financial Planning and Analysis and Finance for SMBs as well as sessions on Cash, Liquidity and Billing Management, and Governance, Risk, Compliance and Cybersecurity.


Human Resources content will include sessions on Attracting and Developing a Future-Ready workforce, Driving Business Value with Human Experience Management, Business Transformation with Human Experience Management in the Cloud, HR Trends and Priorities, and also HR for Midsize Companies.


The sub-tracks within the industries content track will be Automotive, Banking, Consumer Products,  High Tech, Industrial Machinery and Components, Insurance, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Professional Services, the Public Sector, Retail and Utilities.

IT (and S/4HANA)

The IT content section will present sessions around the themes of Building an Intelligent Enterprise, Intelligent ERP with SAP S/4HANA, Data to Value, Integration and Extension, and Process Intelligence and Excellence.

Midmarket (SMB)

The Midmarket (SMB) sessions will discuss subjects like how to enable your Midsize company to thrive with SAP solutions and also ways you can learn from your peers’ success, featuring a customer panel with representatives from across regions and industries.  


Procurement sub-tracks in that content track will explore Digital Transformation of Technologies and Processes, Trading Partner Collaboration and Innovation, and External Labour Spend Optimisation.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain track will include sessions on Synchronised Planning, Industry 4.0Now, Business Networks, and creating and maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

Building a Sapphire Now 2021 Calendar

While the content tracks are arranged around themes and areas of business processes we encourage you to create a schedule of events that crosses content tracks to tailor the sessions you attend to your specific interests. The SapphireNow 2021 Dashboard allows you to build a personal calendar of events and session that you would like to attend.  For example you may have a professional interest in CX but you may also not want to miss out on crucial sessions on S/4HANA which can be found in the Intelligent ERP with S/HANA sub-track, within the larger content track of IT. By exploring these options ahead of time you will find it that much easier to create a satisfactory Sapphire Now experience. The searchable Session Catalogue which includes categories for Product Area will enable this process.

Register for content access

If you are unable to attend the online event for SAP Sapphire Now 2021 then SAP states that if you register anyway for access to the event then a select number of key sessions will be available after the event has concluded, and also there will be a limited number of sessions available on social media channels. 

Expectations for SAP Sapphire Now 2021

Overall we can expect themes around rebuilding our enterprises back better, and using the opportunity that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has afforded us. This clear message of optimism in the face of adversity will coincide with the messaging surrounding Rise with SAP and the optimistic financial outlook presented in SAP’s 1st quarter financial review for this year.

We at IgniteSAP encourage all of our community members to make the time to register and attend at least some of these sessions, in particular the keynote as this will give a few indications as to the strategy that SAP intends to employ through the following months of 2021, and if previous SAP Sapphire Now keynotes are anything to go by, there may be some unexpected announcements dropped in the keynote speech by Christian Klein.

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