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“Bringing Out The Best In Your Business”

The SAP Sapphire 2024 opening keynote, titled “Bringing Out The Best In Your Business,” brought together an impressive lineup of industry leaders to discuss SAP’s latest innovations, product announcements, strategic partnerships, and advancements in AI.

The session included insightful contributions from Christian Klein (CEO, SAP), Matt Garman (CEO, Amazon Web Services), Jensen Huang (Founder and CEO, NVIDIA), Julia White (Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer, SAP), Philipp Herzig (Chief AI Officer, SAP), Mike Rockwell (VP of Vision Products, Apple), and Devdatt Kurdikar (CEO, Embecta).

In this post IgniteSAP shares the major announcements from the opening keynote presentation.

Joule Expansion

Christian Klein discussed the further development of Joule, their AI assistant designed to span across all SAP solutions. Joule is set to become the new front end and User Experience, turning words into action to enhance productivity.

According to Klein, by the end of the year, 80% of the most-used tasks will be managed via Joule, promising a 20% productivity increase for 300 million end-users.

Joule will also turn into a very powerful analytical engine to create insightful reports for Finance and for HR for other parts of businesses Joule will also offer strategic recommendations.

Two-Way Integration of Joule with Microsoft Copilot

SAP announced the integration of Joule with Microsoft 365 Copilot, creating two-way integration to enhance user experience and productivity.

“This two-way integration is the only one in the industry so deep, that no matter which Copilot you use, it’s one experience”.

Expansion of AI Capabilities

SAP revealed plans to double the number of AI use cases by the end of the year. Examples include AI document extraction services for automated data entry, and pre-trained AI capabilities embedded directly into business processes.

Klein also drew attention to the fact that is SAP is among the first companies carefully aligning AI policies with the principles of responsible AI development as defined by UNESCO. 

Gen AI Hub

SAP also discussed the expanded Gen AI Hub, allowing customers and partners to develop their own AI use cases using a broad set of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4, Google Gemini, and proprietary models. The hub offers deep integration into SAP’s data and identity layers via the Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Partnership with AWS

Christian Klein and Matt Garman of AWS discussed the expanding partnership between SAP and AWS.

Highlights include AWS powering SAP’s new AI initiatives and the integration of Amazon Bedrock, “a fully managed service that makes it super easy for you to go build generative AI applications”, into SAP’s generative AI hub.

SAP also announced that BTP, HANA Cloud, and SAP Datasphere will run on AWS Graviton processors, promising far better performance and energy efficiency.

Garman also said that AWS launched a BTP edition of AWS SAP SDK “that allows all of you developers out there to much more easily build and combine BTP capabilities with all your various other AWS services and AWS environments that you’re building on”.

Developments in the Rise with SAP Offering

Klein also gave a summary of adoptions (over 6000 customers, with a much bigger backlog) and further developments in the Rise with SAP offering, including that SAP is going to assign an Enterprise Architect for every customer to guide individual transformations.

“In the migration phase, the Enterprise Architect will ensure that we are really moving to our north-star architecture, that we are using the Business Technology Platform as standard integration platform”.

He also highlighted that Rise customers would have access to LeanIX, Signavio, and their Cloud Application Lifecycle Management.

Grow with SAP Premium

Julia White of SAP unveiled Grow with SAP, Premium, including SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Concur expense management at no additional charge, aimed at midsize companies and subsidiaries of larger organizations.

“If you’re using Rise, or with Grow, the BTP is the best way to extend these solutions. The BTP provides that full range of capabilities to extend, integrate and customise your cloud ERP in a native way. And importantly, get the most out of your data with SAP Datasphere and HANA Cloud.”

Joule for Consultants and Developers

SAP and NVIDIA introduced Joule versions specifically for consultants and developers, aiming to accelerate SAP projects by 30% and streamline the development of custom business logic using AI-generated ABAP code.

Jensen Huang, the Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, who appeared via video link, said: “Through Joule, we’ve created some amazing generative API’s that understand the language of SAP, that understand the language of supply chains, that understand the language of ERP systems, so that we have a specialist, an agent, and AI to help us to do the all of the things that we want to do to manage our business.”

Following this announcement Philipp Herzig, Chief AI Officer demonstrated this with an example of how Joule For Consultants could be used to create custom logic ABAP code for business requirements with AI.

Spatial Computing with Apple

In a conversation between Julia White and Apple’s Vice President of the Vision Products, Mike Rockwell, SAP and Apple announced the integration of Joule with Apple Vision Pro, bringing SAP solutions to iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This collaboration aims to enhance innovation and productivity through spatial computing innovations, like a spatial boardroom to visualize the entire enterprise and interact with both 2D and 3D data elements, and even to hold meetings with hyper-realistic digital twins of other employees, using Nvidia’s Omniverse technology.

SAP Spend Control Tower

Etosha Thurman, SAP’s Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer for Intelligent Spend & Business Network announced that SAP are bring to market a new solution called SAP Spend Control Tower, “a holistic view of Spend data from across all sources with AI powered enrichment and harmonization that turns raw data into actionable insights”, including native integration with S/4HANA, and enriched data insights to reduce both costs and supply chain risk, along with integration to SAP Datasphere, which will happen later this year. 

New Gen AI Capabilities For SuccessFactors

Julia White also announced that SuccessFactors now has further generative AI features, including: “Skills Matching for attracting and hiring talent, Compensation Insights, which helps managers have informed and effective compensation discussions with their employees, and new writing assistance to help employees write meaningful goals.”

Closing Remarks

Christian Klein concluded the keynote by emphasizing SAP’s dedication to continuous innovation and customer success. He highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships with AWS, NVIDIA, and Apple in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Klein outlined SAP’s future direction, focusing on expanding cloud offerings, enhancing AI capabilities, and supporting sustainability initiatives.

“…you can see that we are not developing AI just for the sake of AI. Our vision at SAP is to leverage our holistic portfolio: to deliver agility at scale, meaning increasing the productivity of every user and business process, to achieve more across the value chain by connecting the material, the financial, and the logistic workflows across the industries, via our business network, and to enable you to run a sustainable business by making ESG transparent, and make holistic decisions to drive sustainable, as well as comfortable growth.”

The SAP Sapphire 2024 keynote showed SAP’s commitment to driving business innovation through technology. With so many AI advancements and strategic partnerships with other technological innovators, along with further cloud offerings and sustainability tools, SAP demonstrated it continues to lead the way in helping businesses transform and grow in a digital world.

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