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If you thought that SAP was just a blip on the ERP radar, think again.

In Gartner’s Market Share Analysis: ERP Software report, released at the start of this month, SAP was ranked No. 1 by revenue for the second year running. This is obviously exciting news for all currently using and working with SAP, and – perhaps more importantly – a harsh wake-up call for all who have yet to realise its benefits.

“We are thrilled that SAP’s revenue has once again ranked us No. 1 ERP software vendor in Gartner’s Market Share Analysis report,” said Jan Gilg, SAP Senior Vice President and Head of SAP S/4 HANA Development. “As organizations continue to look for intelligent solutions to optimize and innovate business processes, we are committed to offering our customers a leading ERP system, which enables companies to address current challenges and future opportunities with flexibility, speed and insight.”

This is not just great news for SAP and its flagship HANA software, but also for the ERP market in general. In fact, Gartner’s market analysis notes that “the ERP software market grew 10% to a global market value of $35 billion in 2018… digital business changes the way an organization deals with customers, suppliers, partners, internal processes and employee engagement — all of which are supported by ERP”.

As the number one ERP vendor on the market, SAP is positioned squarely at the forefront of resource management. It is a driving force in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to realize their potential and increase operational efficiencies.

But what does this news mean for you and your enterprise?

How SAP S/4 HANA benefits businesses

Even upon seeing SAP’s success in the Market Share Analysis, you may still be reticent to employ SAP (or any kind of ERP resources) for your operations. You might have a rough idea what SAP does, but you may not know how it stacks up against other ERP solutions or how it may prove more favourable for your business.

So why use SAP? What makes it different from any other ERP?

Here are some of the brand’s foremost selling points:

  • SAP can fit any sized business. From small Mom ‘n’ Pop operations to Fortune 500 companies, it can be seamlessly integrated into any operations.
  • This makes it infinitely scalable to support business growth.
  • Its functionality is beneficial for all kinds of businesses without the need for paid upgrades.
  • There are no unnecessary functionalities to place a drain on your cash flow (businesses of all shapes and sizes abhor waste).
  • It requires less customisation than similar ERPs making it more efficient “out of the box”.
  • SAP offers shorter implementation times and faster paybacks when compared to other ERPs.

And, hey, who doesn’t love time and cost-efficiency?

If you’re not using SAP, there’s a good chance your competitors are!

As you can see, there are a great many benefits to incorporating S/4 HANA – the future of SAP – into your operations, even if you’re already using some form of ERP. What’s more, given SAP’s market-leading status, if you’re not taking advantage of these benefits, there’s a good chance that your competitors will be.

SAP needs the right professionals

Needless to say, any software is only as effective as the people implementing and managing it. If you need support in deploying, integrating or managing SAP you may benefit from the services of a specialist in SAP recruitment.

If you are interested in hiring SAP professionals, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Check out our employer page and get to know us better!