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SAP has said that it will only support its customers on legacy software up until December 31st, 2025. This means many existing SAP customers will be migrating over to the S/4HANA software very soon and those thinking of adopting SAP for their company will be starting out on S/4HANA

Back in August, we reported that there were concerns over the slow migration of SAP customers to S/4HANA but – with the deadline beginning to loom – more and more companies will be embarking on the migration process. 

Migrating to S/4HANA is undeniably a major project for any company, no matter what the size, but done correctly it can give your company a true competitive edge. By automating processes it gives businesses insights on the aspects that will separate themselves from their competition. 

Before migration, it is essential that a thorough business plan and strategy has been decided. Goals need to be set and the routes for how to achieve them mapped out. You can’t just assume that the new technology will drive the migration process, it needs to be built around this strategy.

Companies also need to have a good understanding of the benefits of S/4HANA in order to maximise the advantages of the software and implement it effectively. S/4HANA’s primary aim and function are to simplify business processes. The software’s emphasis on data allows businesses to make well-informed decisions while its integration of technologies makes the data more accessible. 

Only once you have a good grasp on what the business strategy is and what S/4HANA has to offer can you then understand how the migration will best help your business. The technology is designed to support your company and its direction, not lead it. 

Migrating to S/4HANA cannot, therefore, be a purely IT-led project. While the IT department will have no trouble understanding how S/4HANA can be used, they can’t decide on the business strategy.

Many companies see the migration as simply a technological upgrade, but that isn’t how you can leverage the full benefit of S/4HANA. 

The project will transform business processes company-wide, so the scope is much wider. This can be a huge challenge but one well worth undertaking and making sure is done properly.  

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