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German Tech giant SAP have recently released the latest iteration of their SAP S/4HANA platform, S/4HANA 1902. The full release notes for ‘What’s new in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902’ are 540 pages long so we thought we would save you some time and made a list of some of our favourite features from this new iteration.

Advanced Finance Closing

With this feature, you can plan, execute, monitor and analyse your business’ closing tasks more effectively. The aim of it is to significantly increase the speed and accuracy of your closing processes with lower resource use which is definitely a good thing.

Inventory KPI Analysis

This is a brand new analytical app that ensures inventory accuracy by checking stock changes against KPIs. From this, it can define potential trends that could affect the capital situation, allowing you to be better prepared.

Situation Handling

An intelligent framework has been introduced that can be used in multiple lines of business to optimise the way critical situations are handled. Issues are brought to the attention of specific groups or people so they can be handled quickly.

Enable Now Framework

The Enable Now framework is an onboarding and continuous enablement concept embedded directly in SAP S/4 cloud. It provides enablement content that is continuously updated and is comprised of context-sensitive guided tours and tutorials.

SAP Activate

Within S/4HANA 1902 you can now use Cloud Application Lifecycle Management for SAPS/4 HANA Cloud. The tool uses SAP Activate technology to simplify the journey by providing step by step guides containing all implementation tasks.