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An S/4HANA Integrated Cloud Workspace

SAP and Google Cloud have announced new integrations between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Google Workspace.

This will enable customers to connect fundamental business processes running in the cloud with collaborative cloud-based applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets from within their SAP software.

These new integrations will facilitate new functionalities and options for collaboration within businesses and organisations running SAP: such as managing collaborative documents, and exporting or synchronising data in finance and other business processes.

Integrating Databases and Documents

Google and SAP have said their customers will benefit from having a verifiably clean data source because the one-step integration allows for version control and avoids the potential for translation (and inaccurate interpretation) that occurs when sharing documents and data.

Users will be able to adopt the solution and readily integrate SAP software, and Google Docs and Sheets, and this will allow instant real-time editing and collaborative access.

Reliable Collaboration in the Cloud

SAP’s senior vice president and Head of Intelligent Enterprise & Cross Architecture, Philipp Herzig explained the reason why these integrations came about:

“Native integration with Google Docs and Google Sheets has been a common request from many joint customers. This integration will further pave the way for people to work collaboratively on any business documents and manage them closely along with their most critical business processes and data managed through SAP: all in the cloud.”

Herzig also pointed out that customers want two-way integration, and that larger corporations were looking for a more standardised way to integrate data more reliably between documents, databases and spreadsheets.

Real-time Collaboration

Javier Soltero, the vice president and general manager of Google Workspace, commented that an innovative approach to collaboration was required to address the new needs of hybrid work:

“With the expansion of our partnership with SAP, these new in-depth integrations will enable employees working in complex data sets within SAP S/4HANA to tap into the real-time collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace, enabling teams to simultaneously access SAP data and more efficiently drive projects forward.”

These integrations will be included as standard in S/4HANA Cloud later in the year, and SAP are ensuring close integration and consistency across all SAP products by building this new set of features using SAP Business Technology Platform.

Building from Infrastructure to UX

This expansion of the strategic alliance between SAP and Google builds on SAP’s use of Google Cloud infrastructure for S/4HANA, and more recently the Rise with SAP transformation-as-a-service. It is now making a positive impact on their joint customers: making the daily user experience easier and more efficient.

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