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SAP BTP: Reshaping the Landscape for SAP Professionals

SAP is becoming a provider of SaaS for its customers, and their cloud shift and AI adoption are a key part of this strategy.

At the heart of this transformation lies the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), which has great potential for both businesses and the professionals to help them navigate the path to cloud migration.

For SAP consultants and professionals, the industry-wide cloud shift presents challenges, and exciting opportunities. BTP’s cloud-based capabilities, integration tools, and data intelligence are creating SAP client success across industries, and the demand for professionals who can understand and deliver this is increasing.

This week IgniteSAP is illustrating BTP’s significance for SAP consultants (not just those specializing in BTP) and how it can empower SAP careers. We’ll explore some real-world success stories, the skills that are in high demand, and outline the steps to take for those consultants who want to know more.

Why BTP Matters to SAP Professionals

For SAP consultants and professionals positioning themselves to best advantage in the SAP ecosystem, BTP is more than a technology trend; it is part of a corporate shift by SAP towards cloud-based solutions, and standardized integration around a clean-core.

For those SAP clients still using various SAP and third-party legacy systems, BTP offers a viable solution. Its integration capabilities act as a bridge, connecting your client’s existing SAP landscape with essential applications: streamlining processes, and fostering cross-departmental cohesion.

A white paper published by IDC in September 2022 called “The Business Value of SAP Business Technology Platform” identified three principle areas in which SAP BTP delivered measurable benefits to customers: business productivity benefits, IT infrastructure cost reductions, and IT staff productivity benefits. These are broad categories and include other benefits such as improvements to analytics and data practices, integration and development, and time to value (“impact on time to complete per project”).

BTP can facilitate migration and deployment of SAP solutions in the cloud, enabling clients to adapt to changing needs and market demands more effectively. SAP consultants who understand this evolving ecosystem can guide clients through the transition.

Data is a valuable asset, but translating it into actionable insights can be challenging. BTP is used by some companies for data intelligence features that can help those organizations extract meaningful information from their data. This helps those clients analyze production trends, identify customer behavior patterns, and use resulting insights to make informed decisions that drive growth. This requires SAP BTP consultants to help clients to leverage their data strategically and gain a competitive edge.

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely achieve optimal results, and historically, customization of SAP and non-SAP systems led to many technical problems around integration.

BTP’s application development and extension capabilities are designed to allow SAP consultants to create custom applications (decoupled from the system core) that address client’s specific challenges and business processes. Customization consistent with a clean core using the BTP platform is one of the growing areas of demand for SAP consulting services.

Market Trends

Recent reports indicate a growing trend of organizations exploring and adopting BTP solutions across various industries, aligned with the shift in how businesses utilize SAP technology, driven by factors like agility, scalability, and cost considerations.

With the increasing adoption of BTP-powered solutions, there’s a growing demand for professionals with relevant skills and expertise. Job postings mentioning BTP are on the rise, and some reports suggest that BTP-skilled consultants may command higher salaries compared to the industry average.

Project leadership roles specifically focused on BTP implementations are also emerging now many organizations are prioritizing a clean-core architecture, offering opportunities for career advancement, so it’s important for SAP consultants to stay updated on the evolving skills landscape and consider how it might impact your career journey.

BTP Success Stories Shaping Industries and Careers

Because SAP BTP is not one solution, but rather a selection of tools, like a Swiss Army Knife, the following is a variety of quick sketches describing applications of SAP BTP: collected to provide some understanding of the range of possible applications of SAP Business Technology Platform in SAP deployments, and the extent of its adoption in various industries and commercial arenas. Each “consultant takeaway” serves to highlight valuable skills that unlock client success and elevate your career trajectory.

Nestlé IT Infrastructure and Operations Development

Company: Nestlé SA , one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

Challenge: Recognizing the rapidly evolving world and shifting consumer demands, Nestlé prioritized digital agility and data-driven insights to empower its workforce and future-proof its business models. They also needed to account for a dynamic contingent workforce.

Solution: Along with implementation of the Rise with SAP solution for its global cloud transformation, Nestlé used SAP BTP to build custom extensions of SAP SuccessFactors to extend its workforce during busy seasons. They created a hiring app that streamlines data handling and speeds up the hiring process. It also features a multilingual chatbot, handling thousands of candidate inquiries independently, freeing up HR for more strategic tasks.

Results: Increased efficiency, improved employee experience, and cost savings through automation.

Consultant Takeaway: Mastering BTP extensions positions SAP consultants as a problem-solvers who can unlock efficiency gains for clients.

Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Elevates Fan Engagement

Company: WTA, governing body of professional women’s tennis.

Challenge: Engaging fans globally and optimizing athlete performance required deeper data insights. The WTA, facing a mountain of complex historical and current data, sought a unified data strategy to mine correlations and extract valuable insights.

Solution: SAP Analytics Cloud provided real-time player data, enabling better training strategies and tailored fan experiences.

Results: Increased fan engagement, improved athlete performance, and data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

Consultant Takeaway: Leveraging BTP analytics means consultants can help clients gain a competitive edge through data-driven strategies.

Accenture: Matching Invoices and Payments Faster With ML

Company: Accenture, a global professional services provider.

Challenge: Accenture, a global professional services company, processes over 500,000 invoices annually. Matching payments to invoices, known as cash application, was a manual and error-prone process.

Solution: To automate and improve accuracy, Accenture adopted SAP Cash Application with machine learning. S/4HANA now transfers new payments and open invoices to SAP Business Technology Platform, where a machine learning model analyzes them for efficient matching.

Results: Automatic matching now ensures accurate daily cash application, swiftly processing payments to minimize open accounts receivables and unapplied cash. This avoids capital charges and accelerates month/quarter/year-end closing. Collections are faster, and freed resources support acquisitions and value-added tasks.

Consultant Takeaway: BTP applications are already providing SAP customers with access to intelligent technology, meaning that SAP consultants with the skills around BTP to implement this will be in high demand now and over the next decade.

Zurich Insurance Streamlines Claims Processing

Company: Zurich Insurance, a leading global insurance provider.

Challenge: Manual claims processing led to lengthy wait times and inefficiencies.

Solution: BTP’s integration capabilities and intelligent automation streamlined claims processing, utilizing document AI and machine learning to extract data and automate tasks.

Results: 30% reduction in claims processing time, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings through automation.

Consultant Takeaway: Mastering BTP integration and automation skills positions you to optimize client processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Maersk Optimizes Global Logistics

Company: Maersk, a leading container shipping and logistics company.

Challenge: Complex global supply chains demanded real-time insights and optimized planning.

Solution: BTP’s integration and data intelligence capabilities connected disparate systems, providing real-time visibility and enabling data-driven optimization of logistics operations.

Results: Improved on-time delivery rates, reduced transportation costs, and data-driven decision-making for optimized logistics strategy.

Consultant Takeaway: Demonstrating expertise in BTP for supply chain integration and data analysis positions you as a strategic partner, helping clients navigate complex logistics challenges in a wide variety of industries.

Cleveland Clinic Enhances Patient Care

Company: Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned academic medical center.

Challenge: Fragmented data hindered patient care coordination and hindered research efforts.

Solution: BTP’s data intelligence and application development capabilities created a unified patient data platform, facilitating collaboration and enabling patient-centric care models.

Results: Improved patient care coordination, reduced readmission rates, and accelerated research efforts driven by unified data access.

Consultant Takeaway: Leveraging BTP expertise in healthcare IT allows you to contribute to improved patient care and groundbreaking research, making a true impact on people’s lives.

The Path To BTP Consulting

As these diverse success stories illustrate, BTP is a game-changer for both businesses and the SAP consultants guiding them.

Whether you become the integration maestro streamlining operations, the data-driven strategist guiding informed decisions, or the custom solution architect tailoring perfect fits, BTP empowers you to deliver exceptional value and command premium recognition.

For those SAP consultants looking to acquire skills and experience with SAP Business Technology platform here are the first steps to take:

Explore online courses, certifications, and hands-on tutorials provided by SAP and others. Gain a solid foundation in BTP concepts and functionalities, empowering you to navigate its vast capabilities with confidence.

Connect with fellow consultants and experts through online forums like the SAP BTP community and user groups. Share experiences, exchange knowledge, and stay updated on the latest BTP developments. This collaborative environment fuels your learning and keeps you informed about developments in BTP.

Like any SAP specialism, mastering SAP BTP is a continuous journey, but with continued acquisition of skills and experience you will become a trusted advisor for your clients.

Shaping Your Future

BTP’s integration streamlines processes, its data intelligence fuels data-driven decisions, and its customization capabilities tailor solutions to unique client needs. These features translate into concrete results: increased efficiency, improved customer experiences, and cost savings for your clients.

The demand for BTP expertise is increasing, with job postings multiplying and salaries exceeding industry averages. Project leadership roles focused on BTP implementations are also in high demand, offering exciting opportunities to gain leadership experience.

Explore SAP’s learning resources, join the BTP community, and identify BTP opportunities within existing client projects as well as seeking out new ones. As you develop your BTP skills, you’ll be more able to contribute to your clients’ success and chart your own path to a rewarding career in the SAP ecosystem.

If you are an SAP professional looking for a new role in the SAP ecosystem our team of dedicated recruitment consultants can match you with your ideal employer and negotiate a competitive compensation package for your extremely valuable skills, so join our exclusive community at IgniteSAP.